New Projects for 2014

2014 Calendar
danielmoyle / / CC BY

Next year, I plan to undertake four new projects: 

1. Wade’s Monthly, a listserv to which I’ll send one email each month reporting on my work, as well as my inner experience.
2. A campaign calling on the federal government to guarantee a living-wage job opportunity.
3. A “The Personal, the Social, and the Political” survey to gauge interest in developing a network of “personal-political support circles.”
4. A road trip. Beginning March 25, I’ll travel throughout the United States meeting with friends, old and new, to have a cup of tea and discuss whatever’s on our minds at that time. If you want to meet, please let me know.

Below are the latest drafts of content for those projects, including:
1. The invitation to subscribe to Wade’s Monthly.
2. The content for the campaign.
3. An essay promoting that campaign.
4. The content for the survey.
5. An essay promoting that survey.

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