Giving Thanks: 2015

I am thankful for:
Pope Francis, for cultivating compassion.
Bernie Sanders, for challenging inequality.
Rotary International, for its motto, “Service above Self.”
Brett Dennen, who said, “Until we treat one another as equals, there will be no peace.”
James Baldwin, who described the price we pay for fostering personal identities rooted in love of Empire and domination.
Buddha, who practiced Christianity.
Jesus, who practiced Buddhism.
Steve Sears, who understood me profoundly.
Gil Lopez, who helped me understand racism.
Richard Koogle, who invited me to Northaven Methodist Church.
Leonard Frank, who lived the life he wanted to live.
Mother, who taught me the Golden Rule.
Charles Hartshorne, who taught me that paradox is the essence of life.
Martin Buber, who inspired me to engage in authentic, mutual encounter.
Dick Price, who affirmed “increasing self-sufficiency while drawing on support as needed.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson, who gave me my mission: to pursue truth, justice, and beauty.
Bob Dylan, who has led me through the stages of my life.
Michele Dayley, the only person with whom I cried convulsively after making love.
My many friends still living, who comfort me even in their absence.
Life itself, even though it involves dying.