From Wade: April 8, 2024

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Re: Hypocrisy
Eva Paterson:
3/31 – It’s also tragic and disheartening 

4/4 – Looks like Biden may be finally standing up to the right-wing folks in Israel


Re: [fromwade] Mutual Empowerment, April 2024

“Humans are torn between fear and anger on the one hand and trust and love on the other.”

Dan Brook:

It is easier to exploit fear and anger than to inspire trust and love. Authoritarian leaders, generals, advertisers, media, clergy, coaches, et al. know this well, whether they know about our negativity bias or not. Remember “if it bleeds, it leads”? If we miss the saber tooth tiger stalking us, we may lose our lives, but if we miss the juicy fruit tree, we’ll still survive that loss. Therefore, our evolutionary biology has taught us, perhaps even hardwired us, to react to fear more because it can be more practical on a basic existential level. Overcoming this negativity bias takes more energy and consciousness; it’s an uphill trek where we can hopefully get a better view, though probably with more sweat and sore feet.


Re: Editor’s Report – 3/18/24

Kathy Labriola:

Hi Wade,

I have read your most recent post to the list, but I am not clear how it is in any way a response to my email or my comments. And I think it would be a terrible mistake for Biden to step aside now from running for re-election, since an incumbent always has an edge over a new candidate, and there are no other candidates that would have the level of support he has among Democrats and the potential for undecided voters to vote for him rather than Trump.+++++

Re: Americans Pay a High Price for the GOP’s Fiscal Irresponsibility, by Dan Brook:

Republicans keep wasting our money on their ideological boondoggles that are typically unsuccessful and do nothing to help real people.

A Personal and Social Change Survey

Some time ago, I circulated “A Personal and Social Change Survey” and recently posted a report on the responses.  Nine individuals responded helpfully, which I appreciate. 

Overall, the respondents appreciated the values affirmed on the Compassionate Humanity Community website and supported the general drift of the corrective actions presented. Receiving this support is heartening. 

The responses to the open-ended questions were rich. You may want to read them closely and absorb the insights you find helpful. The report is here


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