Daily Reflection

Limits to GrowthMy plan is to post here once a day by spontaneously writing for 15 minutes, quickly editing what I write, and finding a photo that reflects my mood to include in the post.  I feel a tectonic shift occurring in this country precipitated by the Trump and Sanders campaigns. That shift may well lead to an earthquake. It seems like the late 60s all over again, with one difference. This time the Mainstream Media (MSM) is giving more voice to my opinions, especially as reflected in the fact that Van Jones is a prominent commentator on CNN. Leonard Frank’s death leaves me marooned. I could always call him or get together for lunch when I needed to connect with a like-minded spirit. No one has filled the vacuum left by his death. So I write here to overcome my isolation, hoping to engage with comrades at least from time to time. My thought is to approach it like an AA meeting, with no cross-talk. I don’t expect others to respond by posting a comment and I don’t plan to respond to every comment. But feel free to post comments to share with others. Later, I may invite others to share 15-minute reflections like this.

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