Daily Reflection (2)

DSC02030Pulling back from taxi politics and instead returning to Fellowship Church has felt good. In the face of the Trump madness and the proto-fascist threat that he represents, it is heartening to connect with my Kingian roots. Rev. Blake and I had a good discussion about the mixed bag that the “shut it down” approach presents, the service was soothing, and we had a good dialog after the Social Hour film, “Forks Over Knives,” which addresses the health problems created by a meat-based diet. The Facebook dialog I had over the weekend with Karen Dolan and her Friends after she posted a comment about the demonstrations at the Trump Chicago rally venue was also reassuring. Though initially it seemed that most of the participants there were reluctant to criticize the demonstrators who allowed themselves to be provoked to violent actions, eventually a strong consensus seemed to form that we need to cultivate greater self-discipline. One commenter called for another “Freedom Summer” focused on fostering more nonviolence, which I seconded. And today, I am reassured that the Sunday talk show hosts and participants, including Cruz, Rubio, and Kasich, all criticized Trump strongly for his incitements, while Trump refused to apologize. That refusal will probably hurt him in November if he gets the nomination. And prospects for the Republican Party to split are now even greater, which relieves my anxiety about a possible Trump presidency.

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