Bernie Can Do It

It’s not too late. Bernie may still lead a revolution. What he does with his database will indicate his direction and our prospects.
A revolution needs an organization with a clear mission, a long-term strategy, short-term victories to build momentum, the ability to modify methods as conditions change, and a structure to involve members in key decision-making. And to sustain itself over time, it can’t be dependent on any one leader.
By rooting itself in small, self-governing clubs, Bernie’s revolution could enhance its effectiveness by nurturing face-to-face community. By serving local needs — personal, social, and environmental — it could build loyalty to the organization. By being member-run, it could enable members to “own” the organization. By authorizing members to define their own activities within the framework of the organization’s goals, it could deepen member involvement, enhance self-empowerment, and provide the opportunity for meaningful engagement. By growing supportive communities, it could aid members in helping one another become more effective….
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