Hillary, Be Vulnerable and Be Positive

The ability to admit mistakes is a virtue. You’ve demonstrated that capacity to some degree. I encourage to do so even more. Many Americans who have mixed feelings about you will respect you for it.

Sit down with 60 minutes to “clear the air.” Hold a town-hall meeting with a commitment to answer any question. Do so directly without side-stepping. Hold more press conferences. Conduct more interviews. Be transparent.

Donald Trump has demonstrated a remarkable refusal to admit mistakes or accept criticism. His typical response is to crush the critic. That trait ill suits him for the White House. You can highlight that weakness by being more vulnerable.

You can also draw a contrast with Trump by including in your speeches and the convention at least as much positivity as negativity. Some pundits have criticized your “stronger together” theme, but I like it.  I believe it may reflect your inner core — the communitarianism you reflected in your commencement speech and the community service you have demonstrated since. Your entrenchment in politics and the world of unseemly compromise may have obscured that commitment. Let us know if that dedication is truly in your heart.

Based on his children’s testimony thus far, three values Trump did not teach his children are the Golden Rule, humility, and service to the less fortunate. “High achievers” does not necessarily mean “great.” It seems his primary child care consisted of giving his children feedback on their report cards and inviting them to his workplace. His main message was “get ahead,” which is the narrow-minded dynamic that drives “the system.”

I believe you hold to higher values. If that is true, let the American people know.

Revealing your humanity will help us win a landslide. The RCP “no toss ups” map shows you winning by a 2-to1 margin. We need to do even better than that, and we can.

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