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Would you sign and ask others to sign the following — if it is circulated as is?  Do you have suggested changes?  You can email private comments to <wadehudson0726ATgmailDOTcom> or post them publicly as a comment below.
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Americans for Humanity:
A Declaration for Compassionate Community
(1/3/19 Draft)

I support the growth of a popular movement that:

  • Serves humanity, the environment, and life itself.

  • Fully represents and gives voice to the American people.

  • Helps transform the United States into a compassionate community.

  • Pressures Washington to implement policies supported by strong majorities of the American people.

  • Engages in nonviolent civil disobedience and consumer boycotts when needed.

  • Aims to get big money out of politics.

  • Seeks to establish economic security for all, assure living-wage job opportunities, reduce inequality, and ensure that the wealthy pay their fair share in taxes.

  • Supports individual rights and the rule of law.

  • Nurtures democracy throughout society.

  • Promotes partnerships that empower people.

  • Respects the essential equality of all human beings.

  • Encourages everyone to identify strongly as a member of the human family.

  • Affirms personal identities based on characteristics such as race and gender.

  • Opposes efforts to dominate others due to their identity.

  • Relies on love and trust rather than hate and fear.

  • Channels anger productively.

  • Attracts people with face-to-face community and caring friendships.

  • Encourages members to:

    • improve their emotional reactions;

    • engage in honest self-examination;

    • support each other with their personal and spiritual growth;

    • avoid oppressive or disrespectful behavior.

  • Supports members who want to form small teams that share meals, strengthen connections, and plan other activities.

  • Cooperates with movements in other countries that also serve humanity, the environment, and life itself.


  1. The plan is to informally circulate this draft until March 1 and ask for feedback.
  2. Incorporate feedback and aim for general consensus.
  3. If strong support emerges, circulate the final declaration after March 1, ask people to sign it and ask others to sign it.
  4. After May 1, invite all signers to discuss next steps with one another.
  5. An established organization might then adopt the project, assume ownership of the domain name, and recruit other organizations as partners.
  6. The latest version of the declaration will always be at
  7. An archive of email comments without authors identified will be at
  8. Public comments will be at
  9. A list of people who’ve said they would sign and ask others to sign this declaration — if it is circulated as is — is maintained at

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