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Endorsers will be invited to discuss possible next steps. An established organization might then adopt the project, assume ownership of the domain name, and work with other organizations to advance the project. With assistance from 27 collaborators, Wade Hudson served as principal author of this declaration. For more info, click here.

Americans for HumanityA Declaration

I/we support the growth of a popular movement that:

  • serves humanity, the environment, and life itself
  • respects the essential equality of all human beings
  • encourages everyone to identify as a member of the human family
  • affirms individuals’ multiple identities
  • opposes efforts to dominate others due to one of their identities
  • relies on love and trust rather than hate and fear
  • channels anger productively
  • attracts people with face-to-face community and caring friendships
  • honors our nation’s accomplishments, criticizes its failures, and helps build a more perfect union
  • fully represents and gives voice to the American people
  • helps transform the United States into a compassionate community that:
    • supports the rule of law, individual rights, and the freedom to engage in activities that do not deny freedom to others
    • encourages people to relate to others as individuals of equal worth
    • promotes partnerships that empower people
    • nurtures democracy throughout society
    • meets basic human needs
    • assures good living-wage job opportunities
    • protects free speech
    • makes it easy to vote
    • enables everyone to participate in society fully and productively
    • encourages supportive relationships with other countries, backs their right to self-determination, promotes human rights, and advocates peaceful resolution of conflicts with mediation and negotiation
  • pressures Washington to implement compassionate policies supported by strong majorities of the American people
  • engages in nonviolent civil disobedience and consumer boycotts when needed
  • encourages members of the movement to:
    • improve their emotional reactions
    • engage in honest self-examination
    • support each other with their personal and spiritual growth
    • avoid oppressive or disrespectful behavior
  • supports members who want to form small teams that share meals, strengthen connections, provide mutual support, and plan other activities
  • cooperates with movements in other countries that also serve humanity, the environment, and life itself.

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