Ezra Klein Interviews Fareed Zakaria

  • Ezra Klein Interviews Fareed Zakaria

    Transcript: March 4, 2022

    Fareed Zakaria Has a Better Way to Handle Russia — and China

    The case for thinking strategically, not ideologically, about great power conflict.

    I’m Ezra Klein, and this is “The Ezra Klein Show.”

    It is eerie knowing that you have lived through the end of an era and that you’re now witnessing the birth of another. For most of my life, foreign policy has not been dominated by great power conflict. And that is a defining characteristic of that period. There have been crises. There have been wars. There have been horrors. But America was too strong and other countries too weak to really worry about world wars or even cold wars, to see the world as this great power chessboard.

    That’s changed…. (Posted in Political/Foreign Policy).

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