Fareed Zakaria on Grassroots Democracy

  • Fareed Zakaria on Grassroots Democracy, From his 10/16/22 CNN GPS program.

    And now for the last look. The protests raging in Iran have been deeply inspiring, sparked by women demonstrating against the repression of a brutal regime, that has made control over women and their bodies a central tenant of its rule. And as the “New York Times” notes, the protests have now spread to include oil workers who have taken to the streets shouting slogans like “death to the dictator.”

    This is powerful stuff. But are the regime’s days numbered? In a fascinating piece in “The New York Times,” Max Fisher notes two puzzling trends. All over the world we are seeing an astonishing rise in protests. But this rise in frequency does not appear to correlate to a rise in efficacy. In fact, quite the opposite. (read more) [posted in Political/Democracy.]

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