10 Simple Ways to Be Happy (plus more)

Happiness10 Simple Things You Can Do Today That Will Make You Happier, Backed By Science
By Social Consciousness

I would love to be happier, as I’m sure most people would, so I thought it would be interesting to find some ways to become a happier person that are actually backed up by science. Here are ten of the best ones I found.


JUST SAY NO55 gentle ways to take care of yourself when you’re busy busy busy
Posted on The Freedom Experiment

We all have times in our lives when we just have too much stuff going on. There are always deadlines, exams, due dates and just too many priorities to juggle. And when everything is going wrong, the world is screaming for your attention and you just don’t have time – the last thing you need to hear is to “just take a day off”. So here are 55 gentle ways you can take care of yourself when you’re pressed for time and attention. Enjoy!


2007 Ethics in the Science Classroom (Summer Workshop)Make an Ethical Difference: Tools for Better Action
by Mark Pastin Action

Why Read It? Existing ethics books are of limited use. They generally feature one author’s opinions on very specific situations, which may well have nothing to do with the problems we’re facing. And anyway, we don’t need expert advice. Mark Pastin insists every one of us is qualified to resolve even the thorniest dilemmas ourselves, and in this profoundly practical book, he gives us the tools to do just that.

Pastin argues that we all have an innate ethical sense that enables us to make the right choice in any situation. He calls it “the ethics eye.” The problem is, we’re not aware we have it or how to develop it. So he provides practical tools we can use to open up our ethics eye so we can consistently see what is right and do it.